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How To Pack

  • Choose the right box that is large enough to accommodate the item being packed
  • When choosing the right box, consider its strength and durability for carrying the weight and size of the item
  • All boxes must be in good condition with no rips, tears, punctures, damages to its corners etc
  • Make sure to not overload or compress too many items in the box; making it too heavy which might cause breakage or tear of the carton
  • If there are too many items, it is highly advisable to break down consignment into two or more cartons to ensure it is not too heavy
  • Items in the box need to be wrapped with suitable cushioning material (bubble wrap, foam wrap, crushed packaging paper, foam-in-place)
  • Items in the carton cannot move around when it is carried or transported
  • Delicate and fragile items need to be double cushioned and must be pre-approved by our Customer Service, Operations or Marketing Department
  • The closure of the carton must be sealed with pressure sensitive tape (brown plastic tape, electrical tape) with a recommended width of 48mm
  • Sealing tape should be applied at least three times on the top and bottom flaps of the box
  • E-consignment notes can be obtained on KTMD’s website
  • Once the e-consignment note is filled in, print the consignment note and tape it securely on the carton
  • Consignment note should be taped on top of the carton where is it visible – Do not put label over a seam, closure or on top of the sealing tape


  • Boxes should be durable and in excellent condition – appropriate thickness to withstand weight and size
  • Use high quality material for your shipment –consider cushioning, durability and strength
  • Use appropriately sized boxes according to the items being packed – overpacking items might cause it to burst while underpacking might cause it to collapse
  • Use a lot of cushioning material to ensure items in the carton do not move around or break
  • Fragile items should be placed in the middle of the box and protected with sufficient cushioning material
  • Use strapping or strong tape to seal your carton
  • For any non-solid – liquid items, use an "arrow up" label
  • Ensure all information on the consignment note is complete
  • Use fabric/cloth bags or corrugated boxes with punctures, tears, rips, damaged corners
  • Use cushioning material such as clothing, blankets, towels, newspaper/newsprint, shredded paper and pillows
  • Use masking tape, cellophane tape, scotch tape, sticky tape or paper over wrap to seal your parcel