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The terms and conditions specifically or adopt standard terms and conditions either specifically or by standard terms KTMD transport standards.

Important Notice
Please read all terms and conditions carefully.

Terms and Conditions KTMD Service

The following are the terms and conditions of service as may be agreed upon in the contract between the sender and the sender's KMTD using KTMD services, referring to terms Treaty on Form CB no.11.

  1. Posting documents / parcels important: KTMD guarantee for any loss or direct or indirect costs of loss or damage up to these documents is limited, as referred to in Article 13 & 14 CB in these Terms and Conditions of Service.
  2. Items that are not allowed to post: Posting / of delivery of any item that is classified as hazardous items (dangerous goods) and items prohibited by KMTD or the authority or the destination country, is prohibited. KTMD is also entitled to refuse the posting / delivery of content or if it is found that most of the content item is item dangerous or prohibited items. KTMD is not responsible for any claims or demands the return postage charges the cost of loss, damage or injury directly or indirectly, even posted / sent or received for posting intentionally or unintentionally.
  3. Exclusion of items banned from posting: Delivery item category or ban certain harmful only when attached documents / items completely valid and relevant (e.g. Declaration Form Dangerous and Prohibited Items) and declared authentic. The sender is responsible for ensuring the delivery of attached documents related to the full.
  4. Shipping over responsibility sender: The sender is solely responsible for any posting items such as, but not limited to the following, namely; items of liquids, creams or cosmetics in containers risk of breaking and other forms of perishable foods and / or can bring harm to other items. KTMD is not responsible for any claims or demands the return postage charges the cost of damage or indirect loss even if posted or accepted for posting intentionally or unintentionally.Shippers are also fully responsible for any item posting glass, porcelain, ceramics or jewelry fragile / easily breakable. KTMD is not responsible for any claim the cost of damage or loss indirectly unless the item has been insured through KTMD as well as packaged and labeled properly.
  5. Pack the items for posting / shipping: The sender is responsible for ensuring the items are shipped been labeled on any surface and wrapped or wrapped in a perfect, safe and meets the safety features to protect content while operating the item common throughout the process for posting. KTMD is not responsible for any damage or loss resulting from improper packaging. KTMD is also not responsible for claims fail proved physically and authentic that the damage was caused by KTMD.
  6. Declaration posting content: Posting content and the actual content must be declared with a complete and authentic. KTMD will not serve any claims or compensation in the event of posting charges during the posting declaration is false, incomplete, misleading or in conflict of content and the actual content that has been declared on the posting made.
  7. Insurance / claims: Shippers who choose insurance coverage options offered by the KTMD must declare the content and the content of which is insured with complete and authentic. KTMD is not responsible for any claims insurance contradict what has been declared on the posting / delivery. Insurance coverage is limited to damage or loss of content or part of content in the already insured only or any amount determined by the insurer. Insurance coverage does not assume any direct or indirect costs arising from the delay in follow-up.
  8. Delivery Guarantee: KTMD will ensure the delivery of items submitted in accordance with the prescribed standard. However, this guarantee is subject to the recipient's address complete and accurate as well as weekdays.
  9. Money Back Guarantee:KTMD assured return postage charges if the item is lost / damaged or not fully delivered by standard delivery of KTMD. This warranty is limited and subject to the following conditions,KTMD is not responsible for delays caused by changes in travel routes.
  10. Circumstances beyond control : KTMD will not indemnify for loss, damage, failure or delay in delivery caused by the following but not limited, to wit;(A) Natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and the like,(B) Circumstances beyond our control such as war,(C) fire or burglary occurring outside the control of KTMD premises, despite the security measures taken,(D) items detained or seized by Customs or any other authorities, shippers liable for any taxes, duties or penalties imposed by Customs or any authority other. KTMD is not acting as a representative of the sender in any dealings with the customs authorities or any parties authorities detain or seize items are shipped.
  11. Exemption guarantees KTMD: KTMD is not responsible bear the following but not limited to, i.e.;
    1. Loss indirectly (indirect loss),
    2. Indirect damages (consequential damages),
    3. Other indirect costs (other indirect cost),
    4. Loss of contract opportunities, profits, income or cost of the losses incurred by sending follow-up of delays,damage or loss of content or part of content, whether KTMD know or do not know content item during shipment or caused by negligence KTMD.
  12. Complaints damage: Any damage to the item must be reported to the KTMD .KTMD within at the latest 24 hours after the item is received. KTMD will not entertain any claims submitted by any party in the event of a complaint or a claim within 24 hours after the item is received without objection. Item allegedly damaged under the control of KTMD must be proved physically present complaint is made to the inspection and verification can be done by the KTMD. KTMD has the right to refuse any claims if the claimants failed to prove the damage occurred under the control of KTMD. KTMD will bear the cost of shipping back the items damaged under the control of KTMD to the sender (if necessary).Conversely, failure to prove defective under the control of KTMD, posting charges will apply for shipping back to the sender.
  13. Claims for damages: Any claim damages due to loss or damage KTMD item can only be claimed by the sender or representative agreed in writing by the shipper. Claim damages must,(A) Claimed within 7 days of delivery date KTMD will not entertain claims submitted after a period of 14 days from the date of delivery,(B) Submission writing with proof of posting and a copy of a valid ID,
  14. Payment of the maximum claim: KTMD of claims for the cost of direct damage damaged or missing items, damage or loss because surrender is not in accordance with the address written by the sender and the loss or damage occurred before the items It came as the address written by the sender, is limited by the following amounts,(A) The actual amount of the loss or damage suffered, based on the content and the actual content declared on Form CB during delivery or a maximum of RM200 per package (B) The actual amount of the loss or damage suffered, based on the content and the actual value content that has been declared on Form CB (no.5) or a maximum of RM200 during the posting of the document or Package subject to the lower,(C) Restricted to a claim for one item for posting / shipping only, subject, whichever is higher, but not exceeding the maximum liability of KTMD.If the posting exceeds the limits of liability KTMD, the sender is responsible for insuring items either by posting the insurance offered by the KTMD or any other insurance options sender. If the sender fails to get additional protection through insurance, liability KTMD is subject and limited to the described above.
  15. If any of the above unauthorized use, it does not prevent other matters contained in these Terms and Conditions for valid application. All rules are subject to the matters contained in the terms and conditions stated above, though KTMD is entitled to adopt such regulations other enforced by KTMD although it is not stated in these Terms and Conditions.

Documents needed to claims process (claim guide)

  1. Delays; Written claim statement containing a short description of the problem via email
  2. Damage, loss or missing contents claims; Written claim statement containing a short description of the problem, C/N number, amount claimed.
    Proof of value of the contents (e.g. invoice, produce or repair costs calculation, etc.) “Damage Report”, if applicable
  3. KTMD standard claim handling time
  4. Working days .In case of an insurance claim, the time may take longer (maximum to 21 days) as the decision is undertaken by the Insurance Company.